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Commercial Garage Doors in Alabama

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At Red Mountain Garage Doors, we know that businesses have different garage door requirements than residential customers, so we go out of our way to meet them. Our team performs professional overhead garage door installations in Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Birmingham, and the surrounding areas.

Your overhead garage door installation can have a significant impact on the overall look of your business. At Red Mountain Garage Doors, we can work with your needs and budget to create an attractive, functional entry that appeals to your clients, protects your inventory, and streamlines your incoming and outgoing deliveries.

With the right design, your commercial garage door can also help you market your business. Red Mountain Garage Doors can help you find commercial garage doors that meet your needs as well as requirements for business insurance and area bylaws.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors We Offer

Every business is unique, so Red Mountain Garage Doors stocks a range of doors to help you find the right solution for your organization:

  • Architectural series: These attractive, modern doors feature full-view glass to allow in plenty of natural light. These doors are ideal for any space where you want to blend indoor and outdoor views, such as restaurant patios, fire stations, car dealerships and other locations where visibility is essential. They can even be used indoors.
  • Polystyrene insulated commercial steel doors: Tough enough for commercial and industrial applications, these doors keep the cold and heat out, making them a good choice for docks, garages, warehouses, storage areas and other heavy-duty applications.
  • Polyurethane insulated commercial steel doors with Intellicore®: When you need rugged security and advanced temperature control, these doors have you covered. For climate-controlled garages, storage facilities, firehouses, distribution centers and other applications, insulated steel doors are a durable choice.
  • Coiling steel sheet doors: With sturdy steel that forms a solid sheet and rolls out of the way easily, this solution is often seen in self-serve storage facilities and warehouse settings where security is a priority.
  • Roll-up aluminum or steel: Available with or without insulation, these steel or aluminum garage doors are a popular option for car dealerships, convention centers and other areas that need the security of a solid door with the convenience of a concealable solution.

Why Choose Red Mountain Garage Doors?

If your business in Montgomery, TuscaloosaBirmingham or the surrounding areas needs a commercial garage door installed, Red Mountain Garage Doors can help. We’ve worked with many garages, mechanic shops and other businesses in the area to find attractive doors that perfectly suit their operations.

At Red Mountain Garage Doors, our team does it all. We can help advise you on the doors that might fit your needs, answer all your questions and provide you with a detailed estimate. Our experienced team performs new installations as well as prompt, professional commercial garage door service, repairs and maintenance in Birmingham, Montgomery and surrounding areas for existing entry systems.

Red Mountain Garage Doors understands that time is money, so we work to give you maximum value with our friendly, timely service and installation. Contact us today at (205) 525-8683 for an estimate on a commercial garage door or to learn more about our products and services.


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